Saturday, December 03, 2011

It's Not Easy Testing for Green

But it's empowering.  I wasn't perfect, of course, but I felt extremely good about it, especially given how nervous I was during the mock tests this week where I froze up and forgot basic stuff.

I felt like it was much harder than a normal cardio+class.  Can't believe I tried to trick myself into thinking it was the same thing. :-P

Thinking we moms look pretty good given what we've just been through for the last two hours...

In any case, once the adrenaline was pumping - and there was a LOT of adrenaline for me in this test - I was pleased with how clear-headed I was.  I think I do a lot better when I don't overthink things, and I was so exhausted by the physical part of the test that I wouldn't have been able to think if I had tried.

Somehow, that worked for me.

Another change I've seen since my last test 6 months ago is how quickly I was able to regain control of my breathing and heart rate after very intense exercise / stress.  I credit the running in part - my resting pulse is much lower now, and I've noticed my recovery rate is much faster than it used to be when I've monitored it.  

Tonight, I'm relaxing.  A little worried I might have injured a rib, so I'm icing it and taking Motrin.   Trying to just rest and recover. 

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