Monday, December 05, 2011

I Did Not Go To Karate Tonight

But I did go out to a new Japanese restaurant and I did try raw sushi for the first time.

Wow, it was good.  Especially considering I wasn't going to even taste it.  I wound up going back for seconds of the tuna, which tasted better than the best steak I've had in recent memory.

(Savageman just came in and said, "I'm not staying home to care of you tomorrow...")

Good to try new things once in a while, and good to have some quality time catching up with a friend.

And while I didn't go to karate, I did run 3.5 miles this morning, which actually felt Easy Peasy, so the plan is to bump it up again this week to 4.  I guess the rib is not actually broken, or I wouldn't have been able to do that.  I also managed not to take any Motrin today.  Breathing feels okay now, just not touching or moving my torso.  Maybe an Aleve would be a good idea tonight, come to think of it...

In any case, I've been advised to take a few days off to recover, which I don't mind at all if I'm going to do fun things like go out to dinner.

Also, Little got his Christmas Cookie magazine today and is, at this moment, upstairs reading it under his blanket with a flashlight, formulating his diabolical plans to bake us all into fat pants this month.  I suppose I could help him with that tomorrow.

Hitting the couch with an ice pack and a movie.

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