Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Day of Winter

A good visit with a friend started off a satisfying and productive day.  Nothing like a warm beverage with an equally warm and trusted soul to get the happy feelings and Christmas Spirit flowing.  We got the tree today and it's fresh and lovely and smells wonderful.  We did some more shopping, spent two hours at the dojang, and then I headed out to Om Baby to meet up with my birthy friends for a Solstice sound circle.  The Teen came along, which was really great.  It seemed to be exactly what he needed.  The other mothers present were complimentary of him, and of the relationship we have, which meant so much to me coming from such an insightful group of women. 

We talked, we meditated, we made a sorrowful sound and a joyful sound, we did rounds of Om... it was a good time with good people.  My friend facilitated the evening and did a wonderful job of lifting our spirits and helping us prepare for winter.  Each of us received a Native American animal symbol card to reflect on during the evening and throughout the winter.  Mine was the Dolphin, which I loved.  The Dolphin is a power animal, symbol of Breath of Life, Love, Balance and Community.  And of course, playfulness.

I couldn't have chosen a better card for where I feel I am right now, and these were the areas on which I focused during our meditation and discussion.  Breath is so important to me as a childbirth teacher and as an athlete, and it is what I turn to daily to stay focused and centered.  Love and Balance are important in a season of my life where I am embracing new challenges and moving my life forward in so many new ways.  And of course, Community is essential to me as I reconnect with my Tribes of both old and new friends - and as we remember to enjoy ourselves and get out to play from time to time. So I'll be thinking about the Dolphin during these winter months.  Maybe I'll get a little picture or figurine to hang where I can see it as a reminder of the evening and of what the Dolphin symbolizes.

One of the things the Teen said that really seemed to resonate with everyone is how detached people have become due to technology - the cell phone, social media, etc.  He indicated his phone and said, "My generation has too much of this" and then he gestured to the people sitting in the circle together - "and not enough of this."  And he complimented me for not letting him have a phone until he was 15.  Proud mama moment right there.

When it was over and we had socialized for a bit, we headed to the B&N Starbucks to meet up with Middle and the the Ninja tribe.  Warm feelings all around.  Hugs and wishes of Merry Christmas to each other and reassurances that we would all be together again next week.  The bonds we have formed are strong ones, and no one is shy about saying so.  Just about everyone there has had something in their life they have had to overcome.  Here, on the other side of that, is perspective and gratitude.  None of us takes these bonds for granted.  Trusted friends are precious, and we all know it and acknowledge it.

It's been a full day, and I'm heading off to bed feeling warm and satisfied and truly, truly, blessed.


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