Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Denial

Yeah, yeah... I know.  It's only a week away or something.

I'll get to it.

The lights have been on the house for a few weeks.  I even bought a cord for them.  I just need to find it and plug them in.

And buy a tree.

And get the decorations down from the attic, where I suspect we have a mouse. 

Maybe more than one.

Which means that the attic will need to be cleaned out and de-mousified. 

So I'm kind of avoiding that whole mess.

Speaking of mess, there's the rest of my house, which needs to be cleaned up before we can talk about adding Christmas decorations to further add to the chaos and clutter. 

I got out the Nativity Scene and the Advent Wreath when Advent began.  That's the important stuff.

The rest of the stuff - the shopping, the singing, the baking, the crafts... it can wait a few more days.

Plenty of time...

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